Hurricane Johnson Photo Gallery

Thanks to Yvonne and Warren for many of the photos on these pages

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 Lovely Sarah Sporting an HJ "Golf Polo Shirt"   

Who is the Masked Man?   Hear Ye, Hear Ye!   Gang Picture

Now Look Here!  Spider Woman & Cat Woman   Undressed for the Party!

 Gangsta & His Girl   Restless Diesel - T&T   Little Patti.... Little Patti

Silence of the Lambs    Stern?   HJ and Gunslinger Marti

HJ and Jeannie   Big Cohones Wouldn't You Say?   Lady of the House

Bernadette and HJ   Doc?   What you gonna do, Bad Boys, Bad Boys

      Daun Sports the Classic HJ Thong   Elvis Lives at the Down Under Pub   Beat Me Daddy... Eight to the Bar   What's in the Pocket - Bro?

Bald is Beautiful   I have One Fantasy!   Queen and Paige - Go Girls!   Cowboys & a Cowgirl

Read the Sign!  Jay and Anne @ The BackDraft  Tonite's Live Band - Hurricane Johnson   

Hurricane @ the BackDraft Bar   BackDraft Bartender   BackDraft Girls

Dancin' at the BackDraft   Smile!   Workin' The BackDraft Bar

Cold Beer at the BackDraft  

  Ann and her boyz @ Down Under

Rev - Doin'it @ Down Under     Dr. Li - Doin'it @ Down Under    HJ - Doin'it @ Down Under

C.O. and Cathy with the HJ Boyz   Ronnie's Best Friends with the HJ Boyz   Ronnie and Shala with the HJ Boyz @ Ronnie's Wild Party

Warren Mentors Dr. Li at Ronnie & Sharla's Party   Jayme, Trina and the Johnson Boyz   HJ on da flo...

Smokie Joe's Cafe', Warrenton, VA  Eddie from Washington State    Karen and HJ @ Smokie Joe's

Smokie Joe's Girls and the Johnson Boyz   HJ Project Debuts @ Okra's, Manassas, Va.   Fabulous Dr. Li   

The Hurricane Johnson "Classic" Thong!   Dave Points Out an HJ "Classic" Thong   The Professor and Ms. Yvonne

Reunion of the Original Trio   Dr. Li Schtrong and Nurse Dawn   Dave and Joan @ Okra's in Manassas

Get Down On It, Rev    Dr. Li Schtrong Gets It On    Hurricane is Workin' it

New Years Eve at the Down Under 2001   The Boyz in Proper Attire   Warren and HJ havin' a blast

After Midnight, at the Down Under Pub, Occoquan, VA., Sarah & Christy hang with the Hurricane Johnson Project.    Warren & Yvonne (Fan Club Presidents) with Hurricane Johnson Project at the Down Under Pub   Lovely Christy & Sarah @ the Down Under Pub with the Hurricane Johnson Project

Happy Birthday Dave, from Betsy   Hurricane Johnson "An American Band"   Wildman Dave

HJ and Friends    Senator Allen is seen next to Hurricane Johnson   Jennifer - Down Under Diva

Hurricane Laying It Down   The Reverend's Sermon   HJ Project @ Down Under Pub, Occoquan, VA. August 2001

No. 1 Fan Lovely Yvonne   Cool Tommy Kuel   Taking It to the Bridge with Dr. Lee Shtrong

 Yakadoo's, Holiday Inn, North, Fredericksburg, Va   Hurricane Johnson Band Members   At the Richmond Studio lounge  

 2nd Street Cafe', Warrenton, Va.      Club Presidents, Yvonne and Warren      Hurricane Johnson Band with Eric "The Wizard" Lawson

 River's Bend Concert Series    Hurricane and Grease?    Jamming at Gecko's, Woodbridge, Va.

We miss you Jimmy.    HJ_by Russell Kidd Photography    4 million served.

Keeping it real @ Smokehouse Blue, Centreville, Va.    Fast Eddie's, Fairfax, Va.    The day the earth stood still for Hurricane Johnson.

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